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Top 5 Things You SHOULD ask before renting a Limo!

1: Do you do background checks & drug testing?
Probably the MOST important question you should ask! Whether you are trusting a limo driver with your kids, colleagues, friends, or your own life, you really need to know who you (and they) are getting in the limo! At Lifestyle, we do a complete background check: including driving record, drug testing, and DOT medical exam and we call past employment. Most of our limo drivers are ex-military or current or past law enforcement officers. This is not something that UBER and LYFT (and many of other companies can offer!)

2: Is this your car or is it owned by someone else?
Ask the make & year and have them send you a photo. Chances are if you don’t get a picture in a few minutes, it’s not their car. There are many companies who do not own any of their cars…they rent them as needed. We own our luxury limousines, vans, and party buses, and if we don’t own it we will tell you! If a company does not own the car, how can you be sure the condition it will be in when it arrives for your special event?

3: What kind of insurance do you have?
Check to make sure they have their correct insurance. One quick way to tell is if they have a RDU sticker on the windshield for going in the airport. As for the USDOT numbers, plus an MC Number, if they are crossing state lines. App for hire drivers rarely have insurance on their vehicles, increasing the risk for you and your passengers.

4: Where can I find your testimonials or reviews?
Go to Yelp or Wedding Wire or Google them.
Take the time to check them out. At Lifestyle Limousine, we love what we do and our consistent five-star rating shows that our clients experience it!

5: What is the cost, including the hourly rate, driver gratuity, and any other fees?
You might think this should be your number one question, but we believe safety should always come first! In the limousine business often “you get what you pay for!” Ask the hourly rate and are there any extra fees like fuel or parking. Ask about minimums hours for hire. Does the start time include travel time or does it begin at pickup? Is there a gratuity added for drivers or is it expected? We do a 4 hour minimum for the stretch limousines and 5 hour minimum for proms. We also add a 20% gratuity for our Chauffeurs. We don’t have any other fee unless it’s something out of state.

Please feel free to ask any questions! We want people to be safe while they have a good time, whether it is in our vehicles or another companies’ so hope this information helps you to make an informed choice.

Let us know how we can help you, Arrive in Style with Lifestyle!

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