Chauffeured Transportation Etiquette and Manners

Chauffeured Transportation Etiquette and Manners

Chauffeured transportation isn’t an everyday thing for most people, it’s usually an experience limited to special occasions. Whether you are requesting our services for your wedding, prom, birthday party, wine or brewery tour, or even a night on the town knowing the rules, manners, and etiquette you’ll be expected to follow will help you plan your special trip. Here are some common rules and manners you should follow when booking a limo service:

Guest Count

All vehicles have a maximum capacity. While we know the vehicles look huge, there is a limit to the number of people we can safely carry in each vehicle. Make sure you pick the right vehicle for your group size to avoid a stressful or disappointing situation. We, unfortunately, can’t make exceptions on passenger capacity for safety reasons. Please take your time when looking at the available vehicles in our fleet. You can learn more about each limousine we have at

Entering/Exiting the vehicle

While this may seem easy, women with short dresses can find themselves in compromising positions. The easiest way to exit a limousine is by waiting for your chauffeur to open the door and then taking a seat closest to the door, swinging your legs around, and stepping out the door as you do in your typical sedan. On the larger SUV Limos like the Hummers, please wait for your chauffeur to take your hand and help you step down.

Party Responsibly

Smoking of any substance (blunts, cigarettes, vapes, etc.) is prohibited in our vehicles. Please be mindful of this rule, as you will be charged an excessive sanitation fee that could run as high as $450. We also don’t allow food in any of our limousines with carpet. You are, however, welcome to bring your own drinks, including alcohol. While we want you to enjoy your trip, your chauffeur is responsible for the vehicle’s safe operation. Please comply with any of their requests or instructions.

Don’t Trash the Vehicle

While we are happy to open our doors for you, please respect our vehicles as if they were your own. Cans, empty bottles, and wrappers will be discarded when you exit the vehicle. Don’t put your shoes on the seats or bars. Also, please take everything you brought with you when leaving the vehicle. While we expect to clean up after the party, any excessive dirt or filth will lead to an excessive clean-up fee charged to the credit card on file.

About Tipping

The general tipping etiquette for your driver is 20% of your rental fee. By default, we leave tipping to your discretion, but we do provide the option of having your tip automatically added to your credit card as part of your total, so you won’t have to worry about remembering to tip your chauffeur later.

At Lifestyle Limousine Company, we provide our clients with stylish, safe, and reliable transportation. We employ highly trained and skilled chauffeurs who provide outstanding service throughout the NC. If your plan includes luxury transportation in the near future, feel free to call us at 919-332-3676.

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