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When To Book My Prom Limousine? Here is why you need to do it NOW!

Think you have lots of time to book Prom Limousine? Here is why you need to do it NOW!

We know it’s cold and snowy in Raleigh and spring prom season seems like it is far in the future…Prom starts in the end of March for a lot of schools so it’s closer then you think. The clock is ticking and you are now running out of time to book your Prom Limousine!

Here are the reasons, you need to book your prom limousines early:

Spring is one of the busiest times of the year for all transportation companies. We have Weddings, Birthdays, Concerts, High Point Furniture Market comes to town, and then there are the PROMS! There are no shortage of events needing Limousines in Raleigh & surrounding areas.

January is the wedding show season, so by the end of the month, we have hundreds of brides calling to book us for their spring weddings. Weddings reserve many of our cars on the April and May weekends. Guess which cars the brides book? The party bus and large limos– our most popular choices for prom limousines!

Check out our entire fleet (complete with 3D Tours).

So why should you book with Lifestyle NOW for your Prom limousine?

At Lifestyle Limousines, we love working with our prom kids because:

  • Our professional drivers want to make sure our prom guests are safe
  • Seeing our prom kids smile and have a good time is the best!
  • We are committed to getting our prom guests home without incident
  • We provide clean, well maintained, and elegant vehicles
  • Parents can feel good about their kids going off to prom with safe transportation – worry free!

All you have to do is look at our reviews and you can tell very quickly who and what we are! With all of the fake limo websites out there, if you wait, you might end up with a company who does not own their cars. You book what you think you are getting, and an old dirty car arrives- or does not show up at all! Then you end up driving your friends to prom- or even worse, having your parents drive you to the prom! YIKES!

If you wait to book until mid-February or March, you will have fewer choices. Some companies even raise their rates as prom season approaches. At Lifestyle Limousine, we own all our limousines, what you see on our website- is what you will see on your big night. We never go up on our prices because of the time of the year! Because of our high standards and luxury transportation experiences, we already have limited numbers of cars available for the Spring!

Prom parents and kids really need to call us before the end of January or first week in February… don’t wait to book your limo! If you wait, you may miss out! Call us today so you can Arrive in Style with Lifestyle!

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